We are fully committed to ensuring that everyone we come across in the work and activity of the church does so safely and without risk to their well-being, physical, spiritual or emotional. As a church we see ourselves as a safe place for people to come and seek refuge - a body which can engage with the wider community to reach those in need.

We are acutely aware of the dangers faced by the vulnerable in our society not least children and young people. As such we have worked hard over a long time to put in place adequate procedure and policy to ensure we keep people safe and secure. We have in place a full safeguarding policy which governs our procedures for not only dealing with allegations of abuse and harm but also how we create a safe environment for people to engage with us as a church.

To read more about our committments download the following document  pdf EMCF Leadership Safeguarding Statement 2018 (530 KB)

If you would like to read our safeguarding policy please contact us for more information. Note, we are not permitted to publish the full policy online due to copyright restrictions but are obliged to make it available to those with legitimate interest.