EMCF is led by an Apostolic Ministry Team. Mark Mumford is the team leader and Senior Leader of EMCF. EMCF is also governed by a Board of Directors who are the Trustees of the charity. As two bodies the leadership of EMCF is carried by both teams.

Each local church within EMCF (and other key ministries) have Local Leadership Teams who are appointed to lead each local expression. They are accountable both to the Apostolic Ministry Team and the EMCF Directors in relation to their activity.

Between them these bodies have responsibility for a wide range of issues which impact and affect the organisation as well as to bring visionary leadership and strategic momentum to the church. Included amongst these are issues such as legal and financial compliance, the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults in our care and the efficient running of the organisation as a registered charity.

Overall the leadership is concerned with serving and enabling the vision to GO - PLANT - BUILD that we might see the good news of God's Kingdom spread throughout the region.

For more information about our governance structures please send us an email including any questions you might have!